Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Virginia Industrial Plastics is your partner solution for all your heavy gauge thermoforming needs. Specializing in vacuum forming with capabilities of up to 72″ x 144″ sheets and up to .500” thick for some materials. Our solutions range from detailed interior trim pieces to rigid exterior panels and everything in between. Parts are produced to meet or exceed customer specifications and expectations. Product designs are optimized for efficient manufacturing as well as durability, appearance, and uniformity to provide alternatives to heavy sheet metal and injection-molded parts. We aim to provide our customers with a cost effective solution in every aspect of the product, from selecting the proper materials to agreeing on the design to minimize production costs. Tell me more…


Green Culture

Virginia Industrial Plastics is dedicated to the sustainability of the plastics industry and the protection of the environment. We accomplish this by recycling 100% of our waste. VIP furthers this culture of sustainability with our recycling program for all parts we produce. When a VIP part has outlived its usefulness, we encourage our customers to recycle them rather than putting them in a landfill. If you choose to, you may ship the part back to VIP and we will recycle the whole part at no cost to the client or consumer other than shipping. Tell me more…

Additional Services

VIP also provides a variety of services that support and compliment our core competency of thermoforming.

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Our Innovation

VIP produces a wide variety of products that are designed and sold by many companies throughout the US. These products are used in multiple applications and serve many different markets. VIP produces products that aid in the shipment of cold food to protecting your home to making you feel good about what you are driving around the neighborhood and driving around the racetrack. These products serve markets that range from shipping to leisure to medical to commercial to government and beyond. VIP has designed and marketed its own products under the brands VIP Golf Cars and Cabinet Protectors along with producing products for customers.